REPARATIONS - 3 rules for success

1) build and maintain widespread population support for political and social solutions.

  • Success ultimately requires the popular support and understanding of a clear majority of all US citizens. Successful Reparations will require governmental financial and political support. This will require political support from a majority of all citizens. Understanding, education, cooperation, and empathy will be necessary. Popular widespread support can best be accomplished by clearly pointing out the need and benefits for all citizens of our democracy to have equal opportunity.
  • Two hundred fifty years of slavery, ninety years of Jim Crow laws, along with many years of separate but equal and racial red-lining housing policies all worked to effectively create second class of citizens. You cannot have democracy if you have second class citizens, as democracy assumes all men having equal opportunity and protection before the law.
  • These are the current FACTS the Reparations Organization will focus on and address to all US population groups. These facts will encourage a general admission that our society must find a better way to move forward to extend equal opportunites for all of our citizens.
    A) Economic and Income disparities.
    B) Criminal Incarceration disparities.
    C) Educational Outcome disparities.

2) create a formal acknowledgement of wrong actions to past generations.

  • A formal acknowledgement and public recognition need not be about an expression of guilt. People do need to have an understanding that these past conditions existed and they had, and may continue to have, a negative impact on black citizens. There is a social dysfunction in this country and an acknowledgement will help heal that wound. It will help everybody understand this is one people and one country. This will encourage a desire to right these wrongs for current and future generations.

3) focus actions on solutions which benefit current and future generations.

  • All of American society will benefit from providing an equal opportunity to all citizens. Many have suffered from past actions which are no longer in our control. What we can control and impact is our present and future.
  • Inner city K-12 educational opportunities, zero-interest mortgage loans, guaranteed contracts for black-owned businesses and more college scholarships should all be considered.
  • Successful Reparations should focus on healing and uplifting entire communities in need.  Come and join this effort.